New Zealand: Queenstown


My arms hurt.

My shoulders hurt.

My legs hurt. Why? I have no idea. They didn’t do any work yesterday.

I couldn’t lift the coffeepot this morning. It hurts to type. Stupid kayak. It’s a good thing that Dave and I have an easy day ahead of us.

We are spending a few hours in Queenstown today before flying to Auckland tonight. We are spending a few hours in Auckland tomorrow before flying home tomorrow. The vacation is winding to a close. Fortunately, I still have lots of sabbatical time left (sorry, Dave!) in which to goof off, travel home to see my parents, and generally have a good time.

P.S. Queenstown is, for those of you keeping track, yet another charming community on the side of a sparkling lake ringed with mountains. Sigh. Doesn’t anybody want to build anywhere else on the South Island? How about a squat, ugly little city on a featureless plain? Really, how many views can a person take?

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