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Shots and other injustices

Today was our 2-month appointment with the pediatrician.

Kate handled the attendant nakedness and handling with much more dignity and aplomb than she displayed at her 2-week appointment. She did not, however, care for the shots. There were three, and I cruelly stood by and allowed them to happen. She conveyed her profound sense of anger and betrayal loudly, and with great enthusiasm.

All was forgiven by the time we returned to the car, although there were some mild complaints whenever I insisted on stopping the soothing motion of the car seat, simply because some traffic light or other happened to change color.

Kate is now 11lbs, 6oz and 23 inches tall. On the growth curve, these numbers put her at 60% and 70%, respectively, so she’s coming along nicely. She’s a little leggy (a trait which obviously comes from her mother’s side of the family), and we continue to have to discard outfits which otherwise fit nicely when she can no longer straighten her legs.

We have giggle. I repeat, we have giggle.

Kate laughed for the first time today. She was in her crib, grinning happily up at her favorite toy, the mobile. I started poking each mobile critter as it came into reach, causing it to waggle unexpectedly. This provoked not one, but two wholehearted giggles from Kate.
I tore out of the room to get the camera, but by the time I got back, she had gotten the hiccups, and was thus in a bad mood and no longer interested in anything.